Hapless Awakening

It’s been nine years since I woke up out of a stupor of drugs, sex, and loveless aquantances.

I saw a world I had never truly seen before. It was filled with beauty, opportunity, and hope.

Its been nine years.

I went back to school – obatained three college degrees.

I got healthy and lost nearly 130lbs.

I got married, had a child and am now welcoming a second very soon.

I look at the world from morning to night and see the movements of the other hapless filling the voids that the previous night brought as the sun begins to rise.


I feel stuck between knowing and unknowing of what else this beautiful universe could bring me. I yearn for the day I can sit on a bench with pen and paper in hand, with no regard/worry of the mornings eearans and just watch as the sun rises and people begin to wash in the morning as a seas of individuals coming into tide and wave after wave they come and go until the moon is high and the tide is settled.

The life of my mind never seems senseless.


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