Where’s my talent and where do I fit in? 

The way my brain circulates the universe at lightening speed I get exhausted by trying to host a conversation with a stranger. 

I ponder the purpose of my thoughts and talk to the stars as if they are devine beings that are helping me to ponder the results of my days as well. 

I see friends as aquantances when they try their best to assist occuping the time I spend on this planet. 

My feet seem planted but I’m flying past Jupiter wondering how a planet of gas can possibly be so big (what’s the temperature around Jupiter always?). 

I yearn to make money so I don’t have to work yet I can’t seem to figure out where to place my talents to fit into this “corporate” world. I’m also to scared to screw the 9-5 and work for my own will. 

The bed seems so comfortable and the internet seems so intriguing – mindlessly I search for answers to questions I haven’t thought of yet. 

My brain doesn’t stop – even in my sleep I’m swept away in bright colors and realatisc visions that would scare the average soul. I use to be able to see the future until I saw my mother leave and she indeed did a few years later. 

I heard my named called by an unknown source once and I’ve been searching for that beautiful hyme ever since. 


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