Waves of Complexcity 

I find it strange that I have full awareness and yet just a moment later I can be profoundly lost.

It’s like a wave of dumbfounding amnesia glazes over my mind and I lose all insight to what it is I need to do in life to achieve my goals. 

Yet, there are moments of such clarity that if I could only hold onto them long enough I’d be exactly where I’ve always achieved to be. 

Is this a form of the mental Illeness that have swept our world or am just dellusionary hopeful that my mind has the ability to process the path my life is on and for some bleak moments I’m able to see where and what direction my actions and experiences are heading? 

I honestly believe it’s the latter only because I’m the ultimate observer to my life and I’ve seen the change within as well as my surroundings 

Now if I can only focus long enough on the path when it becomes clear and have enough strength to proceed when it blurs away to continue on it then maybe, just maybe the achievable will be achieved. 


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